Change Microsoft Word 2007 Background

Is Microsoft Word 2007 too bright for you and hurts your eyes because the colors are so light?  Do you spend a lot of time in Microsoft Word and have bad eye strain?  You can very easily change the background in Microsoft Word 2007 so that you lessen the strain on your eyes while you type.

Open a Microsoft Word 2007 Document by clicking on the Vista Start Menu, the “Programs” option, and then open Microsoft Word 2007.

On the Office Ribbon click the “Page Layout” tab.

In the middle of the ribbon, you will see the “Page Background” section so click on the “Page Color” button and select a darker bluish color.

Now change your text color to a very light color (such as white) and begin typing.

You will notice a drastic difference immediately.  Try this for a while and this should dramatically lessen any eye strain.

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11 Responses to Change Microsoft Word 2007 Background

  1. Elaine Kelly says:

    When choosing a gradient background for a Word 2007 document, is there any way you can stop it from tiling?

  2. TJ Mozzarella says:

    how do you change the color behind the paper, as I see in the picture it is black , how do you do that???

  3. The Pro says:

    @TJ Mozzarella – Yeah, here’s how to change the theme color:

  4. Unknown says:

    How do I permanently change the background to black on Micorsoft Word 2007 so that everytime I click on it, the page backgroud will be my color instead of your standard white?

  5. Emily says:

    Okay, cool im just doinng my homework, we have to email it back to our teachers.
    Also, u know how u said your eyes hurt from the dark colours
    1. the document starts as white pages in the first place
    2. bright colours dont hurt

  6. thankyou i didnt no how to change the colour now i do thnx a bunch

  7. Anna says:

    Thanks, very helpful. New to Office ’07.

  8. Euphie says:

    how can I change the background color of only one page in a document?

  9. Calkayne says:

    When using a Graphic as a background – Even if I scale the graphic to match the page size – it Tiles when printing to a PDF.

    I insert the Background through the Watermark and Background Colour Menus.

    How do I prevent this?

    In 2003 I managed to reduce the Graphic Print Quality from 600dpi to 72dpi. This appears to work. However I cant find the same function in 2007.

  10. Tootise says:


  11. Marc Cornwall says:

    @Calkayne: when you insert as a Watermark select scale to 100%. That’s the only way it worked for me. If you just insert an image and set text wrapping to behind text, the image will hide your headers and footers. I haven’t be able to figure out why Word tiles the image but I does seem to have to do with dpi of the original image.

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