28 Responses to Make your account an Administrator in Windows XP

  1. BobbyD says:

    it dosent work for me i just get a “acess denied” message when i try and press ADD or OK so help would be very very nice

  2. The Pro says:

    @BobbyD – It sounds like your account doesn’t have permissions to make that Administrative change.

    You will have to log in as a local administrator on your computer and then adjust your account under the administrator’s profile.

  3. DonnaP says:

    My computer (It is an XP.) doesn’t have a “Local Users and Groups” under Computer Management. Now what?

  4. The Pro says:

    @DonnaP – That’s okay that it doesn’t display. There is another way to get to it.

    - Click on Start
    - Click Run
    - type “lusrmgr.msc” (without the quotes) and click the OK button

    This will open the Local Users and Group window for you and you will then be able to make your account changes.

    FYI – If you have Windows XP Home version, that is probably why you don’t see the local users and groups. It is only displayed in XP Pro.

  5. DonnaP says:

    THANK YOU !!!

  6. DonnaP says:

    BTW – I followed your instructions and learned that with XP Home Version, I’m not allowed to access Local Users and Groups. But that window sent me to User Accounts in the Control Panel. There I made myself the administrator so that now I can make changes in msconfig and copy files to my new flash drive. Phew. Thanks again.

  7. silencer says:

    i just got access denied what to do now

  8. The Pro says:

    @silencer – You will need to make changes to your account with an account on your computer that already is administrator (probably the ‘administrator’ account)

  9. ananimus says:

    but if you dont have access to an admin it is impossible correct?

  10. freak says:

    i have a windows vista. My computer account is not an administrator account nor is there any administrator accounts. but when i click manage under my computer, it requires the administrator password. of which i have no idea how to access.

  11. JOhn says:

    I just get access denied. Is there another way if you dont have access to the admin account?

  12. teddy says:

    hey man… this laptop is weird because it doesnt have an admistrator set up but i cant make my account the admin… wat do i do?

  13. MW2!! says:

    i have no adminsitrator accounts on my computer…how can i make a administrator account with a regular account?

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  15. :) says:

    my computer doesnt have an administrator and when i go on my account it says limited? i have no clue whats going on

  16. PAtrick says:

    its saids The following error occurred while attempting to save properties For Group Administrators Computer PERSONAL-5E983A


  17. Jessica says:

    It says my account IS the computer administrator, but it still won’t give me access to anything. What do I do?

  18. whahahaha says:

    Mine says that the name cannot be found. ‘An object named (blank) cannot be found. Check the selected object typesa and location for accuracy and ensure that you typed the object name correctly (which I did), or remove this object from the selection’.

  19. luke manning says:

    Gotta love the internet, I’m still learning the ropes myself.

  20. emad says:

    i don’t know what’s the domain required when i click on add , a pop-up message appear needs username and password. what username and password needed ?

  21. shuja says:

    i want manage my account as adminitrater then i want another account who use only
    data entry not use internet,any installation, updation or any changes

  22. im-not-administrator says:

    i am on xp home edition and did wat u told me then got to where donnaP got (control panel) but i still cant find anything to change it! plz help

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  24. HACKER dude says:

    For all you noobs who want the admin password search up ophcrack, download the live cd file, burn the .iso file to a disk with image burn, then boot from it and retrieve password :)

  25. Shanzay says:

    first i do that then it says that you don have permission so i do which you have tell DONNA P and then i click on change account type there is written that u can login as another user if u change account type then there is ADMINISTRATOR AND LIMITED the check was on the administrator but when i click on the limited it doesn’t work …. now ? what the hell is this????

  26. Cat says:

    We’ve lost the admin account password at home (Windows XP Home) apparently the “lusrmgr.msc” (without quotes) snapin can’t be used on this version of windows :\ parents keep saying they’ll get their friend to take a look at it but it’s been like this for ages and I’m impatient xD any suggestion would be greatly appreciated ♥ xX

  27. gummybears says:

    ok my computer does not have any administrator accounts and it just keeps saying “access denied”
    so what do i do???

  28. gummybears says:

    ^^^ i also did what you told DONNA P to do and it still says access denied

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