Repair Outlook 2007 PST with ScanPST

Are you having problems with your PST (personal folders) in Outlook 2007? If so, there is a simple way to take care of any issue or corruption you may have with your PST. Outlook automatically includes a PST repair tool called ScanPST.

ScanPST can save your PST if you see this message:

FileName.pst file could not be opened. The file may not be compatible with this version of Outlook or it may be corrupted.

In Windows Vista, you may see an error message when you start Outlook 2007 that says:

<FileName>.pst file could not be opened

Note NOTE: These two things are very important to repair your PST, so do them first.

  1. Make sure Outlook 2007 is closed
  2. Locate the PST file that you will be repairing and note that location so you can get back to it later.

Once you have completed the previous two steps, navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12 (where “C” is the letter of your hard drive) and find the SCANPST utility.

Explore ScanPST

Double click on the ScanPST utility and the Repair window will open. Click the “Browse” button and navigate to the location where your PST lives and select the PST you want to repair.

ScanPST Window

The name of your PST will show in the window. Click the “Start” button to begin scanning your PST. There is no need to worry as this only does a scan on your PST and does NOT make any changes. This will only detect any problems.

ScanPST Window 2

The scan will go through 8 steps. The amount of time it will take to complete, depends on the size of your PST.

ScanPST Window 3

When the scan completes you will see the summary window of what the scan found. The important part is that it will tell you if you have any error in your PST.

Now you can repair your corrupt PST. I highly recommend making a backup of your PST before you repair just to be safe. So check the box to make a backup and click the “Browse” button to select a location for your backup. (Save the backup to your desktop since the repair will be fine and you can delete the backup when you are done.) Now click the “Repair” button to repair the PST.

ScanPST Complete

The repair will process your PST and complete and you will see a confirmation message that the repair is complete.

ScanPST Finish

You can now delete the backup that you made and saved to your desktop. Open Outlook 2007 and you shouldn’t see any more issues with your PST and Outlook 2007.

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30 Responses to Repair Outlook 2007 PST with ScanPST

  1. Alex Krenvalk says:

    There is a similar program-pst repair,recovering lost Microsoft Outlook data is a sequence of operations involving scanning, identifying and saving such Microsoft Outlook items as messages, contacts, notes, reminders, journals, meetings, etc,recover data when a *.pst file completely or partially stops functioning, for example, it becomes completely or partially unreadable because of other applications, antivirus software or power failures,scans, identifies and saves data from the pst file without modifying or indexing the source pst file.

  2. really very nice posting. It provides very useful information
    when your pst file get corrupted. The scanpst tool is very helpful.I also know a pst recovery software that provides powerful recovery solution.It is very easy to use since user friendly.

  3. leslie says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Very clear directions and most helpful!

  4. The Pro says:

    @leslie – glad the article helped you :)

  5. Frank Convey says:

    Thanks. It has excellent instructions and it processed through as one would expect.

  6. The Pro says:

    @Frank – Your welcome

  7. zwr says:

    I heard a popular Outlook recovery tool called Advanced Outlook Repair is also availabe for repairing your PST file. It is a powerful tool to recover messages, folders and other objects from corrupt or damaged Microsoft Outlook PST files.
    Hope this can help!

  8. dan says:

    how do you use the outlook.bak file to replace the outlook.pst file if there is a problem?

  9. Adnan Ahmed says:

    Respected Sir,

    Thanks a lot.

  10. John GIraldo says:

    muchas gracias por su ayuda….
    fue Exitosa y de gran utilidaa.

  11. michel says:

    my scanpst utility does not open and is dated 2003. My outlook is 2007. how do i download the updated 2007 scanpst utility?

  12. For many users scanPST will be a big help, and you’ve provided a very nice description of how to use this tool effectively. For users who don’t get good results with scanPST, there are third-party PST Repair tools, such as our Stellar Outlook PST Repair, which is now available as version 3.0 and as a free download so you can test it out on any damaged .pst files. We just added a blog to our site with useful information that builds on what you’ve written here:

    Stellar Outlook PST Repair blog

  13. Kurt says:

    I’m pretty experienced with Outlook, pst files and scanpst.exe, but have hit a problem I can’t solve. Anytime I download any email to outlook, then scan it with scanpst.exe, it shows that the pst file has errors. I can repair the errors (usually takes 2-3 runs of scanpst.exe to fix the errors) but then, as soon as I download another email, it shows errors again. I have created a brand new pst file and the problem still exists. I have repaired outlook. I have uninstalled and reinstalled outlook. Nothing fixes it. I am on Vista, with Office 2007. Any ideas?

  14. Brad says:

    Thank`s a lot!!!! I was lost and this topic saved-me. Amazing!

  15. Oscar says:

    Thanks it’s so useful!!

  16. Tod Wulff says:

    Thanks a bunch – migrated from XPSP3 to Win7 (new work laptop). This is making the transition, and dealing with a corrupted .pst a little less painful.

    Again, thanks!


  17. Owen says:

    Fantastic Tool… thanks for the advise

  18. Ed boy says:

    thanks this help me to solve my problem

  19. Fred says:

    Thank you!!! My Outlook is working again. :-)

  20. Anna Sinclair Proffitt says:

    work well thank you a lot

  21. george says:

    At the beginning of your post, you say “2.Locate the PST file that you will be repairing and note that location so you can get back to it later”. I cannot locate the .pst file. Search files and folders doesn’t return any results. I’ve looked in Program Files, Microsoft Office and everywhere else I can think of, but no luck. I am running Vista and Office 2007. Any ideas?

  22. Anish George Easow says:

    Great support,thank you so much

  23. H Singh says:

    Fantastic instructions.

    My outlook just gave the server error with in box not showing.
    Your instructions saved my day!


  24. Ryan says:

    Worked perfect! Thanks so much.
    Wished I would of saw your post earlier.

  25. Centaur says:

    @George the pst file location can be found by running outlook select >Tools >Options under the “Mail Setup” TAB select the “Data Files…” button, if outlook is broken to a point where this does not work, in Vista .pst files are normally found here: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook
    (although I hope you found it before now).

  26. Gill says:

    I have tried to repair the SCANPST file but I get a message saying it is read only and cannot be repaired. When I try to access Outlook I get message: “Cannot start Microsoft Office.Cannot open Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. Errors have been detected in this file. C:\Users\Gilly\AppData\Local\Microsoft Office\Outlook\Outlook.pst. Quit Oulookk and all mail enabled apps and then use the Inbox repair tool (Scanpst.exe) to disgnose and repair errors in the file. For info about the Inbox repair tool, see help.”

    Can you offer any other suggestions. Thanks.

  27. Mahesh H Rohra says:

    Thank you!!! My Outlook is working again…. Great Support

  28. CoCo says:

    I am going thru this now:

    “errors have been detected in the file outlook.pst outlook 2007”

    how do i fix this?

  29. Sunny says:

    Thank a Lot it worked..

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